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Enter Poll's ID
How to use IQ Polls
Interact with your audience during conferences, seminars and training sessions. Simply add polls to your presentation, publish them and get feedback in real time.
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Getting started
Create a poll
Generate questions on the IQ Polls website and save them. Use your unique website URL to see how your question will look in your presentation.
Show your poll and ask the audience to participate

The audience can choose one of the two types of voting: either the QR code reader or just visit the IQ Polls website and use their poll ID.

Get real-time results during your presentation
While the audience is voting, all the results appear in your slideshow every second. You and your audience are able to see the summarised results immediately.
Visit the voting site
In order to vote, you need to visit the IQ Polls website and enter the poll ID which is generated in the right corner of the poll (seen on the slideshow), or to scan the QR code with your mobile device.
Enter the Poll's ID
The IQ Polls website has a responsive design, so you will see different views on mobile devices and computers. However it is easy to find the Poll ID ?€“ it will always be on the upper right hand corner of the website.
You must have an internet connection in your device to be able to vote. You can only vote once per question which is given by the presenter.
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