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Easy-to-use voting tool for interactive presentations

Ask questions and get real-time feedback from your audience

No more presentations with "sleeping audience"
Create interactive polls and let your audience participate in your presentations
No additional costs
You don't have to buy any clickers (voting devices). Let your audience vote with their smartphones
Voting with SMS and WEB browsers
Audience can vote with their smartphones, tablets, laptops and even old mobile phones
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What is IQ Polls?

IQ Polls replaces traditional audience response systems based on hardware with easy-to-use mobile and web-based technology. This means that everyone in the audience can vote. We support various smartphones (with Android, iOS, Blackaberry OS, Windows Phone etc.), tablets and laptops.
IQ Polls makes presentation fun, engaging and productive. The presenter just shows the question to the audience and the response is immediately displayed on the screen. Use IQ Polls for presentations, workshops, parties, conferences etc. People love interactive voting and it is the one of the key factors to a successful presentation!
Unlike other oldschool voting tools and voting software, IQ Polls doesn't require specific IT skills or knowledge. Everyone can use it! Installation of voting software is not needed. We want to give you an easy voting solution for audience polling.
IQ Polls is unbelievably easy-to-use. You don't need to learn, just use it!
Arnoldas Rogoznyj, LOGIN Conferences

Features that our users love

Various types of questions
In addition to multiple-choice questions we also offer other types of questions. Allow your audience to vote on scale from 1 to 10 or just simply press the "Like" button.
Unlimited usage
We guarantee you unlimited number of polls, questions and responses. Our premium users really love it!
Personalisation and branding
Don't want to see IQ Polls logo in your poll? No problem! Just add a logo to your account and all your polls will have your company's logo. Look more professional.
WEB-based and SMS voting
Your audience can vote both with their browsers and SMS. If there are any problems with WIFI and voting with browsers becomes impossible - use SMS voting. Don't worry - you won't have to pay for every message received. Your voters will have to pay for each SMS at usual rate.
"No hardware" = no additional costs!
Other audience response systems require "clickers" - special devices for voting. Bigger audience means larger costs for those devices. With IQ Polls you won't have to pay for voting devices! After all - everyone has a smartphone to vote with!
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